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Work organisation and Society

By Bhandari21bharat Nov 05, 2013 446 Words

ASSIGNMENT 2: 15/10/2013

Bharat Bhandari

Values are stable evaluative beliefs that guide our preferences for outcomes or courses of actions in a variety of situations. It is believed that Values guide a persons actions and decisions to a certain extent.

The employees of Enron Corporation appear to be highly competitive and capable. A constant attempt towards progress and development can be observed amongst the employees. Though it can be said that this competitiveness played a major part in the failure of Enron as the employees stated engaging in rivalries amongst each other in order to outperform. A sense of fear of being weeded in the lower 5-10 % damaged the employee moral. Such factors would have made the employees of Enron have a conflict of interest keeping the factor of being the best at what they do in sight.

Content theories of motivation are the theories that attempt to explain the things that motivate people.

The motivation of a typical Enron employee could be explained with the help of Aderfer’s ERG theory. According to this theory people are motivated by 3 groups of needs – Existence: Being concerned with providing basic material for existence. Relatedness: Desire for maintaining important personal relations. Growth: An intrinsic desire for personal development.

The given passage tells us that Jeffery Skilling took his favourite employees on adventure trips indicating a need for relatedness and growth amongst the employees to be one of them. Moreover extreme competition amongst the employees also indicates a need for growth and outperforming the other. In both cases the need for growth and relatedness act as a driving force to motivate the employees in which the need to go on the adventure trip and the need to outperform their colleague are the factors.

Process theories of motivation are the ones that attempt to explain the process of motivation through identifying the relationship between variables that make up motivation.

In this case it could be explained by Expectancy theory by Victor Vroom. According to this theory the effort-performance link depends on an individuals abilities and traits and their perception of their role as well as the belief that the achievement is attainable. The theory emphasizes the needs for organizations to relate rewards directly to performance and to ensure that the rewards provided are those rewards deserved and wanted by the recipients. As mentioned above the rewards that act as motivation for the employees could be the adventure trip and the chance to be amongst the best men of Jeffery Skilling. They help create a positive attitude amongst the employees in order to do better than the others, which thereby guide their decisions and actions.

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