Woodrow Wilson and Theodore Roosevelt

Within the first two decades during the twentieth century, the nation's political view demonstrated an expanding American understanding contained in the ideas associated with the Progressive movement. This particular movement had been focused on social and economic reform, in addition to, rising in popularity underneath two presidents. Although Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson stood behind two various methods of progressive reform, each of them managed to persist upon congress to successfully pass legislation according to their own model of the progressive dream. Both of these presidents, despite the fact that they possessed completely different concepts, had one objective in mind: to make modifications towards the country for the greater good of the people as well as the country.
In their different policies Roosevelt and Wilson were trying to bring change in the government. Even though they were both progressives, the two presidents had different paths in mind for the future of the United States. Their different perspective and priorities were evident in their speeches: New Nationalism by Roosevelt and New Freedom by Wilson. Wilson's New Freedom looked to the destruction of all trusts to promote economic competition and permit small businesses once again to flourish. While the federal government was to use its power on a one-time basis to bust all trusts, the federal government was to have no role in regulating business. Any regulation would have to be done by state governments. This contrasted markedly with Roosevelt's New Nationalism, which called for an even stronger role for the president and the federal government in regulating the economy and curbing the abuses of corporate power. New Freedom and New Nationalism differed primarily, then, in their views of federal governmental power. Roosevelt wanted to use it while Wilson did

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