Womens Rights Current Events

Topics: United States, George W. Bush, Gender Pages: 1 (384 words) Published: May 15, 2013
Over the years, there have been many debates over woman’s rights. It has recently been brought to my attention that President Obama is all for woman’s rights. In his speech on November 10, 2005 over civil rights, he talked about his support of equality and how believes that all people in our country should be treated equally. President Obama, who was a Senator at the time the speech was given, said that he didn’t think about all of the progress that has been made towards woman’s rights. He thought about his daughters. He wants them to know all of the adversities women have had to overcome to get where they are today. He said, “There are doors left to be open and glass ceilings yet to be shattered.” Obama stated that there are still many different things that can still be done to have equality spread throughout the country. According to studies, women still earn 76%of what men do. They still receive less in health benefits, less in pensions, less in Social Security and so on. American is still the only country in the industrialized world to let women go unpaid while on maternity leave. Way too often, mothers are forces to choose between caring for their children when they are sick and keeping their jobs. Women have worked so hard towards equality, yet they still only receive part of what men do. They aren’t offered the same benefits or opportunities as we are. Obama has offered a possible solution to all of these problems. He feels that we need to update the social contract in this country to include the realities faced by working women. In my personal opinion, I’m completely for woman’s rights. I truly believe that we should all be treated equally, no matter what our genders are. There are still so many different issues and adversities woman face today, and I feel that it is completely uncalled for. They work just as hard as we do, some of them work even harder than we do, depending on their situations. Some women are single mothers, working two jobs, trying...
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