Women Trafficking
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Women Trafficking and Prostitution in Thailand
Women trafficking is one of the fastest increasing criminal industry in the world today. Women trafficking or “modern-day slavery” is illegal trade of human beings for forced labors and prostitutes or for sexual exploitation. Presently, Thai society also faces many problems, which related to women trafficking and prostitution. Prostitution has always been a worldwide serious problem for every country in the world, especially in Thailand. While Thailand is a beautiful country with rich natural resources with lots of beautiful attractions and sceneries that can encourage more than 14 million of foreign tourists to come and visit each year; however, the country has gained international notoriety among travelers from many countries as a sex tourism destination.
Many foreign tourists from the different countries around the world take flight to Thailand to experience the famous sex tourism from Thai prostitutes. Even though prostitution is punishable and illegal in Thailand, it is hardly enforced and there are high numbers of woman choose to do this career. The major cause of prostitution is poverty, since few of any would want to work in this field just for amusement. Some prostitutes enter this field by choice but others are sadly forced.
Prostitution is a big money maker as millions of baht are spent on sex services in Thailand in each year. Although prostitution is illegal in Thailand, most of the tourists have given attentions directly to nightlife and prostitution in Thailand rather than the quality of Thai natural attractions. Currently, according to the Thailand Government Public Health Department, there are approximately 75,000 prostitutes in Thailand. Also, non-governmental organization (NGO) group estimated that the number of prostitutes at any given time is close to 2 million ranging in age 12 or older. *
Many reasons that people turn to prostitution are a direct result of the Thai economy and the

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