Women In The Iliad

Topics: Trojan War, Greek mythology, Iliad Pages: 4 (808 words) Published: October 19, 2015

The Iliad of Homer, showed women as being items of exchange for the men who had possessed them. They are shown in their social roles as mothers and wives. He states stereotypical characterizations of them. The reader understands that women are being treated as prizes, and that the male hero has to win or he'd have to resist fulfilling his heroic destiny. The characters of Hera and Athena, who are among the immortals, they are certainly strong women. Hera is the wife of Zeus and queen of the Olympians. She tricked her husband so that she is able to play with in the affairs of the Trojan War. The goddess of wisdom, and war, Athena attacked Ares two different occasions and still had to have him flee to Mount Olympus in defeat.
In the Iliad, there isn’t a large amount of mortal women. The primary role they have is to support their men while at war husbands, fathers, brothers, and to showcase the invulnerability and fallibility of their men. The mortal men are fighting in a war with their lives at stake. Helen who confesses to Paris, her true feelings about him, was eager to abduct her, and not engage in the war. The wife of Hector, Andromache, has been trying to persuade her husband to have some sympathy on their son. The baby boy will grow up fatherless, and she'd become a widow if he continues to battle....

Briseis, was described as a damsel in distress type of woman. Women who are wicked and vengeful are the cause the downfall to the male hero. Yet, there are also women who are treated as possessions or some women who have very little or no control over their destinies. The Iliad generally regarded as a male dominated world. Which centrally focuses on the rage between men but this rage is affected, initiated, and inspired by a woman. Chryseis and Briseis, who are considered as the war prizes. They are captured maidens, who have little control over their destinies in...
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