Witness: Thinking of Our World in New Ways

Topics: Low-angle shot, Amish, Francis Schaeffer Pages: 2 (521 words) Published: July 13, 2013

Successful texts encourage us to think about our world in new ways

Film: Witness

Schaeffer interrogation Scene
Eli and Rachel Scene


The film witness encourages us to think about our world in new ways. Witness shows us an underlying theme of corruption and encourages us to think of our society as evil. Witness achieves this through a comparison between the Amish and English world.

Schaeffer represents the evil of the English world, this is shown through the interrogation scene between him and Carter Schaeffer uses a cold, manipulative and sarcastic tone to talk to Carter 
‘Why don’t you tell me where he is...I just wanna see him...can you see Book at a prayer meeting’. This generates a sadistic atmosphere and adds to his tyrannic nature. With the use of this tone Schaeffer discretely strikes fear into Carter. Schaeffer also twists the truth and uses analogies to Carter in an attempt to brainwash Carter into thinking that him and Book broke the law. Schaeffer quotes “We’re like the Amish, We’re a cult, A a club, with our own rules, John has broken those rules, as you are breaking them now”. Schaeffer manipulates the truth to make Schaeffer seem like he is good and Book is evil. The use of a low angle on Schaeffer significantly shows his dominance and superiority to Carter and the audience and adds more fear. In contrast To this Carter is shown at a low angle shown through Shaeffer’s point of view. The use of Carter sitting down and Schaeffer slowly walking around him creates strikes fear into both the audience and Carter. This particularly highlights Schaeffer’s superiority. From this we determine that our society uses forceful and manipulative methods to get what we want.

This contrasts greatly in the scene of Eli talking to Rachel. Eli speaks in a rather sincere and caring tone ‘others...having you shunned...I can not go to worship with you...they will be the judge of that‘ establishing an antithetical...
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