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This study is all about the superstitious beliefs of the students toward witchcraft in the Philippines. Witchcraft (also called witchery or spell craft) is the use of alleged supernatural, magical faculties. Beliefs in witchcraft have historically existed in most regions of the world. One of the regions is the Philippines. Witch in the Philippines was known as sorcerers or practitioners of black magic are known as Mangkukulam in Tagalog and Mambabarang in Cebuano. The main purpose of this study is to determine the superstitious beliefs of the high school students of IMCC toward witchcraft in the Philippines. This study was also focused on other activities which include spells, voodoo dolls and fortune tellers. The subjects of this study were 20 high school students of Iligan Medical Center College. The study is answered by a survey questionnaire structure. According to the results, the respondents don’t have enough knowledge about witchcrafts; they find witchcraft interesting and are curious of what witchcraft is, and they are not totally sure if they believe in witches and faith healers/mabobolo and also with the fortune tellers. The findings of this study may not be beneficial to the students in Iligan Medical Center College but it can help students to have knowledge about witchcrafts. And it may be beneficial to those students or the other people who were interested in witchcrafts and spell through this study.


When the sea faring Spaniards pushed into unknown seas in search of new land, an eerie looking piece of land in the Mindanao Sea in the Pacific Ocean attracted them. This land gave off an eerie glow and the Spaniards named it "Island of Fire". Later, they understood that the glow came from swarms of fireflies that lived off the molave trees on the island province, which is now called Siquijor (Ariadne, 2009). Present era tourists flock to this island province for demonstrations of treatment by "bolobolo" which is healing technique using water. Usually, a practitioner of bolobolo, called a mambobolo can remove a person's illness by blowing it out into a glass of water (Ariadne, 2009). It was in the middle of the 16th century this land was discovered. However, pre-Hispanic indigenous people had Indonesian cultural influences which included Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic mythologies. The hierarchical social structure of society in Philippines stems from the Hindu or Confucian cultural philosophies which include spirituality and a respect for the ephemeral and the unseen worlds (Ariadne, 2009). The culture of the Tagalog people is the second largest Filipino culture. The inhabitants of the islands before the conquerors landed and almost destroyed their culture; they were believers of animism, Sufi, Hinduism and Buddhism. Bathala was the major God of the Tagalog people and He was represented by the sky. The Ninuno were ancient ancestors who believed in the Supreme God. For the Bikolanos, people who lived in the southern most regions of the Philippines, Gugurang was the supreme deity (Ariadne, 2009).  Gods and Goddesses in the pagan beliefs of the Filipino indigenous people include the Sun (ARAW), the Moon (BUWAN), the stars (TALA), and natural entities such as trees, shrubs, mountains, rocks, etc. When the invading European conquerors tried to convert the Filipinos, many of them clung to their ancient beliefs. Because of this fortunate occurrence, witchcraft is still practiced by many people in Philippines (Ariadne, 2009).  Spirits abound in the magical arenas of Philippines, including Aswang (weredog), Tikbalang (creature with head of a horse and body of a man), kapre (giant), tiyanak (monster child), santelmo (fireball), duwende (dwarfs), manananggal (evil women), and diwata (from Devata in Sanskrit - entities who are fairies/nymphs/goddesses. Voodoo is also practiced in Philippines. One such practice called Pangkukulam, which was practiced in pre-colonial era of Philippines. Psychic...
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