Wise Judgement Scenario

Topics: Knowledge, Risk, The Mistake Pages: 3 (1184 words) Published: May 9, 2013
Wise Judgment Scenario
Chereese Eggleston
April 5, 2012
Psychology 220
Diane Winn Clouse

Post a 1,050- to 1,400–word response.
A mother knows that her 7-year-old child has stolen a box of cookies from the store while she was grocery shopping.

A mother takes her child to the grocery store and is aware that that her child has stolen a box of cookies. In this report I will explain how the five components of wise judgments apply and make a decision based on the five components with explanation of how I believe these components to interrelate to the chosen scenario. The five components of wise judgment are factual knowledge about matters of life, Procedural knowledge, Lifespan contextualism, Recognition and management of uncertainty, and Relativism regarding solutions. I will describe the way each of these relates to a mother knowing that her 7 year old child stole cookies from the grocery store. The first of the five components is factual knowledge about matter of life. In this component of wise judgment you analyze and access the knowledge of social norms, interpersonal relations and human nature. In this scenario the mother should access the situation as to why the child would feel it was okay to steal the cookies. This would be a prime opportunity to teach this child the difference between right and wrong. The mother should show the child what is accepted by society and what is not. She can use this opportunity to show her child how stealing effects the whole community even when no one saw you steal. When someone steals, the retailer has to make up for the money they would have made on that product they no longer have and are no longer able to sell. This causes prices to increase. When the child becomes older and is not properly show that they cannot take things that do not belong to them, they will gain a bad habit and continue this pattern through adult hood. It is in our human nature to be impulsive and want things that do not belong to...

References: University Of Phoenix. (1/13/04). Wisdom. Retrieved from University Of Phoenix, Psy 220 website.
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