Winston Churchill and His Leadership

Topics: World War II, British Empire, Leadership Pages: 2 (594 words) Published: April 23, 2007
Hillary Holt
Leadership assignment
Monday, October 23, 2006
"Grolier Online"-Winston Churchill

In this article, the author is describing Winston Churchill as a strong leader who took a leading part in laying the foundations of the welfare state in Britain, prepared British troops for World War I, and eventually emerged as one of the world's greatest leaders in World War II. Because Churchill was half-English half-American, he became an indispensable link between the two countries during World War II. The article describes him as "profoundly historically minded" as well as having "prophetic foresight".

The article describes Churchill as a courageous and imaginative man who also had a powerful and fertile intellect. He is described as extremely loyal, generous and affectionate, having a good sense of humor as well. However, what Churchill is most famous for is his amazing ability for speechwriting and delivery. Churchill displayed his intellect and creative nature in these speeches. He is labeled as many things in this article; a soldier, writer, artist, and statesman to name a few. However, the article does mention his weaknesses as well. He was not a good politician and was not strong in playing at party politics. He is also known to have been slightly egotistical, as most great leaders and politicians sometimes can be. As a man with an extremely strong personality, some found him to be overbearing. He was a risk taker and a known gambler. In his earlier career, people thought him to have an unbalanced sense of judgment partly from the very excess of his energies and gifts.

The author of the article give a brief biography of Churchill and his accomplishments during his lifetime. The article details Churchill's military service and his openness to criticize the British military in areas where it was lacking. He also was a writer, and wrote several journals and books during his first years serving the British military in India. Here he also...
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