William Iii of England and Tromp

Topics: William III of England, Mary II of England, James II of England Pages: 2 (1041 words) Published: September 7, 2014
Story of the History Games
The contestants are in the center of Amsterdam with a pile of items. The contestants grab whatever items they can receive and run away in various directions. William III and Mary II run together after grabbing their items. They head towards the port with a plan in mind. Meanwhile, Tromp does the same because he is familiar with boats. Ruysch has no plan in her mind and walks to the port. At the port Tromp and Ruysch bump into each other. Surprised Ruysch runs onto the nearest ship trying to hide. Tromp follows her onto the ship and captures her with ease. William and Mary plan to leave on a boat and plan to return once victory is guaranteed. Tromp recognizes William’s ship leaving the port and pursues them on his own ship. Tromp reaches their ship and asks for an alliance with William. While negotiating , William’s ship crashes into a rock unexpectedly. Unfortunately Mary leaves her flag in her room and goes to retrieve it while William gets on the ship. The ship sinks and Mary luckily gets onto a life boat but her flag is lost in the ocean.

Meanwhile Philipse was running toward the market place. There she was able to find people she works with in her business. She bribed them with money and ordered them to steal flags to whoever walks by the market. The workers see Rembrandt walk by and they swiftly stole his flag without him noticing because he is distracted by everything.

Oostlejwik and Schurman both go to the library to gain knowledge of the city. Unexpectedly they meet each other holding similar books about Amsterdam. This got them talking to each other and eventually forming an alliance. Meanwhile Maurice tries to get an advantage point by capturing a castle in Holland with his military powers. Coincidentally Oostlejwik and Schurman made an educational decision to go to this castle because its reputation for being a safe hideout. Maurice getting there first earns the trust from others by his leadership ability. Soon after,...
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