Wide Sargasso Sea and the Color Purple

Topics: The Color Purple, Wide Sargasso Sea, Emotion Pages: 2 (874 words) Published: April 21, 2005
Problems, along with misery, become apart of life whether you're willing to accept it or not. For those who have accepted such troubles, have also learned to cope with it one way or another. Antoinette's character in "Wide Sargasso Sea" and Celie's character in "The Color Purple" have both experienced problems with depression, loneliness, violence, inferiority, racism, and self-identity. It is important for such characters as Antoinette and Celie to express their emotions and have a method of working out there issues.

In the novel "Wide Sargasso Sea" by Jean Rhys, the character Antoinette is left mainly to her own free will as a child with no friends and relied on herself to find out that there is a world that can be both peaceful and horrifying. In the first part of the novel, we witness Antoinette's childhood memories. She remembers the racial tensions and disapproval of white Jamaican women because they were not like "real white people", wearing French Caribbean fashions. The white people also feared revenge of the ex- black slaves who follow Antoinette and called her "white cockroach". Accepted by neither white nor black society, Antoinette feels great shame and left out. Having witnessed her home burnt down by the ex-slaves, the death of her brother Pierre, and her mother falling ill and mad, Antoinette had to go through it alone and begins to talk to herself for comfort. Being rejected by her mother and everyone else around her, she begins to lose her identity but soon finds protection in the closed, isolated life of the convent. Without a mothers love Antoinette becomes increasingly lost in thought and isolated, showing the early signs of her inherited emotional fragility. As an adult, insulting refrains would resurface in her mind as she becomes increasingly paranoid. Antoinette's arranged marriage begins to distresses her, as she is married to a controlling white Englishman who feels alienated were she feels at home. Indeed, their marriage is a...
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