Whywhy Children Should Play or Organized Sports

Topics: Physical education, Obesity, Learning Pages: 5 (1638 words) Published: November 22, 2010
Why Children Should Play School or Organized Sport

“Research has shown that participation in outside of school sports and or other organized sports is associated with lower dropout rates, reduced problem behaviors, and increased school performance. Children build interpersonal skills, positive assets needed to become active and productive young adults. Studies suggest that children who are involved with after school sports or organized sports have higher self esteem, lower depression rates and have better opportunities for optimal growth and development”. (Howie, 2009) Children should play school sports or organized sports, because sports improve children’s self esteem, sports teach children skills that they can use to become leaders, and sports give children the exercise they need to stay healthy.

Although, school sports or organized sports help children with their self esteem, teach children to be team players and give children the exercise to stay healthy there are cons to playing sports. School sports or organized sports are commitments that a child needs to make. When there is a child that is going to play sports, the family also needs to be a part of the team as well. Playing sports is time consuming and takes a lot of time from be able to do other things outside of sports. It is important that the child and parents know the length of the season, the practice schedule and game schedule to make sure that there is time for family time too. It is also important that when a child has decided to play a sport that the entire family is willing to be a part of the team as well.

School sports and or organized sports are wonderful to help increase self esteem in children. When children have a high level of self esteem they reduce the chances of depression and anxiety. Children that play school sports or organized sports have a high level of self esteem and do well in school; it helps children to become problem solvers and gives children encouragement to do well in school. It has been proven that children that participate in school sports or organized sports earn better grades, have better behaviors in and out of the classroom, and there is a lower rate of them dropping out of school. School sports or organized sports keep children going to school on a regular basis with fewer unexcused days missed, because they know that if they are not in school they are going to miss the opportunity to play with their team. “Furthermore, non participants of school sports or organized sports were more likely to drop of school; children were more likely to smoke cigarettes, more likely to become teen parents and more likely to be arrested than children who are sport participants”. (Donaldson, 2007)

School sports or organized sports gives children skills to become team members and helps children to become leaders. Children that play school sports or organized sports learn skills that they can use their entire lives. “Developmental benefits include: developing individual and team goals, meeting deadlines, working as a team, learning to perform under pressure, dealing with adversity, handling success and failure, developing self confidence, developing decision making strategies, and learning communication skills”. (Zaichowsky, 2007) School sports or organized sports are a wonderful way to encourage children to learn skills to become leaders in today’s society. After children graduate from high school and continue on to college, they are going to be able to take the skills that they have learned with them to the “Real World”. When children play school sports or organized sports they know that they are part of a team and that their team needs them. They need to make sure that they go to practice, go to school and make sure that they get good grades so that they are eligible to play in their games. Sports give children the feeling of membership and know that they are needed to complete a task from start to finish....
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