Why I Want to Be a Firefighter

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Why I Want to be a Fire Fighter
Being a Firefighter today is a demanding and dangerous job. From mixed views of the profession from the public, all should respect what danger a firefighter faces day in and day out. Being a firefighter is more than just putting out fires. They have many more calls such as EMS and car accidents not including all the false calls. What possibly could drive this writer to risk his life day in and day out for people he doesn’t even know? Well this writer will be a future firefighter and this dream occurred in 3 stages of his life.

Young boys dream about being a doctor, professional sports player, or being a astronaut. Ever since my mother gave birth to me I have had a toy model fire truck in my hand. My grandfather and uncle are both firefighters so ever since I could comprehend things they always pushed my into the Whetstine family legacy of being a firefighter. So I can honestly say ever since I was a child I have dreamed of being a firefighter. The biggest step I have taken in my adolescence day to being a firefighter is constantly talking about it, drooling over the fire trucks when my grandfather or uncle took me to the fire station, or practicing putting out fires that I started out in the back yard with my dad’s garden hose.

During my high school day is when I starting doing more research and interacting with the fire department more. During my first two years of high school I started doing ride-alongs with Moline fire department. My Uncle really encouraged me to doing ride-alongs because he said this will really help you learn a lot more about the fire service. During the many ride alongs I did in these two years really showed me the activities of being a firefighter and how much good they do to help the public. I also learned the ranks of the fire department and learned a lot about how much room for growth and advancement there is. What also was very nice is how amazing the fire departments pension is. The next two...
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