Why I Am Who I Am Personality Description

Topics: Personality psychology, Psychology, Sociology Pages: 3 (1116 words) Published: February 12, 2012
Personality development is a multifaceted concept it’s motivated by genetics, society, education and familial contributions. I have been called many things in regards to my personality aggressive, domineering, honest and opinionated but personally very few hold true. Without question I can admit I am honest but even more than that I am independent and loud. Aspects of my personality have been heavily influenced by not only my family and social relationships. My personality shaped me into the person that I am motivating me to keep being honest with people and going into the mental health field. Being able to keep people the truth with the right delivery and knowing when to be loud solidified my chosen career path. Personality Characteristics of My Life

Many concepts of a personality development through genetic contributions but many develop externally as well. Together nature versus nurture comes together to create a beautiful masterpiece of human and human personality. It’s been said no man is an island and many factors contributed to who I am. Traits

I do not want to argue, fuss or fight but no one’s listening to me, so I need to speak louder than anyone else so I won’t be ignored. A simple yet complex thought; is the most prominent area of my personality. Can you hear me, it’s impossible not to have been labeled as class loud mouth all through high school- I will not be silenced. Growing up my family was loud by normal standards and being one of the youngest my views and opinions were often disregarded but that became unacceptable. If I was to have a voice I had to express it loud and clear emphasis on the loud part. As the youngest child I struggled for anyone to not only listens to me but to take me serious so I began to raise my voice. What are you waiting for you need to work hard to get your own be independent. Education is paramount to say the least and countless times I heard the question; what do you think? To be educated meant to have an...

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