Why we shouldn't use oil as major source of energy

Topics: Peak oil, Nuclear power, Peak uranium Pages: 8 (1416 words) Published: November 27, 2014
No. We should not continue using oil as the major source of energy.

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July 2, 2014

For the past several decades we have been relying on oil as our major source of energy. It is oil that driven the industrial revolution and turn the global economy into what it is right now. However, the increasing rate of our reliance and hunger for oil has been causing us devastating problems so awful that we can’t afford to ignore it anymore. It is a fact that the global oil reserve won’t run dry in either today or tomorrow but we are running out of supply. I believe that oil should not be the only major source of energy because of the following reasons, first, the declining supply of oil, second, the damage that oil causes to our environment and third, there are other alternatives to provide energy that cause less harm to the environment as compared to oil. According to many oil and energy experts, it is known that the non-renewable resource’s production is at a very critical point. The demand either remains the same or slowly increases, but the supply hit rock bottom. The first and the easiest proof that we can see in our daily life is the speed of how oil prices increases. Figure 1. The Global Hubbert Peak Forecast of Future Global Oil Output (Campbell 1996) As shown in figure 1 (Campbell 1996), we can see that the peak in the production of oil have been very close to the halfway point of its production rate. This graph above is known as ‘Hubbert Curves’ named after its inventor which is “Dr M King Hubbert” a world renowned geologist. The Hubbert peak theory says that, in regard to any given geographical area, from an individual oil-producing region, the rate of petroleum production tends to follow a bell-shaped curve. In addition to the threat to the world’s economy, increasing oil consumption challenges the environment and the relationship between countries. In order to tackle this issue of oil having adverse effects on the environment and between countries, we need to hurry and find a way to replace oil as the major source of energy so we will be prepared to handle the ill effects of oil on our environment. Other than the price that our global economy has to pay, who is next in line? Mother Nature is. Every time we talk about oil and/or energy, environment is one aspect to consider. As we know, whenever oil is recovered from the ocean floor by the off-shore drilling rig, not only its oil that burst out of the Earth’s crust, but other chemicals and toxic substances burst out too. Chemicals such as, mercury, lead and arsenic. Which are often mixed with ocean and harms the marine habitat around the oil rig. In addition, seismic waves that are being used to locate oil can harm sea mammals and disorient whales. For example, ExxonMobil recently had to suspend exploration efforts near Madagascar after more than 100 whales beached themselves.( The world's worst offshore oil rig disasters, Also, human error does exist, mistakes do happen. How of often do we hear news that there was an oil spill, exploding rigs, and other oil spill related news? It is a fact that these mistakes are hazardous to not only global economy or environment but human lives also. The Piper Alpha disaster in the North Sea, UK, which killed 167 people in July 1988, is the deadliest offshore oil rig accident in history. Discovered in 1973 and brought on stream in 1976, Piper Alpha was one of the biggest offshore oil platforms in the UK producing more than 300,000 barrels of crude a day (about ten percent of the country's total crude production). The offshore platform started producing gas in the early 1980s and had three main gas transport risers and an oil export riser before disaster struck, destroying the entire facility causing an estimated loss of $1.4 Billion. (The world's worst offshore oil rig disasters, 2 January 2014, par. 1) From the article above and...
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