Why urbanisation happened in Britian

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Industrial Revolution
Cassiem Fredericks
Grade 8E1
History 2013

Question 1.
Why urbanisation happened in Britian :
The Industrial Revolution began in Great Britain because of the textile industry. New ideas and new technological inventions was thought of which created an increasingly industrial and urbanised country. Britain had an abundance of cotton, used in the making of textiles. When the cottage industry and the manufacturing of clothing at home changed to the factory system, new machines were being created. Also, several key-inventors of these machines were from Great Britain and contributed to the factory system being established. Also, efficient transportation was already set up in Britain and it was further innovated with the demand between producers and suppliers.Great Britain also had a lot of natural resources.

Housing in an industrial town during the industrial revolution: The Industrial Revolution saw the start of what were known as back-to-back terrace housing. These had no garden and the only part of the building not connected to another house would be the front (and only) entrance (unless you were lucky enough to live in the end of the terrace). In Nottingham, out of a total of 11,000 homes in the 1840’s, 7,000 were back-to-back.The building material used was the cheapest a builder could find. Cheap slate from Wales was commonly used. The finished homes were damp as none were built with damp courses and those who could only afford cellar dwellings lived in the worst possible conditions as damp and moisture would seep to the lowest part of the house.None of these homes was built with a bathroom, toilet or running water. You either washed in a tin bath in the home with the water being collected from a local pump or you simply did not wash. Many didn’t wash as it was simply easier.There would be a courtyard between each row of terraces. Waste of all sorts from the homes was thrown into the courtyard and so-called night-men would collect...
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