Why The Witches In Macbeth's Vocabulary

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Literature is a very good way to increase one’s vocabulary, as many words and adjectives are seldom used in every day conversation. However, there are many quotes and references that are still frequently used today. Playwrights like Shakespeare have contributed many of these quotes. The witches in MacBeth offer a unique perspective to the philosophies of life. They say, “fair is foul, foul is fair” ((Shakespeare_Navigators.com, 2017). This statement could be perceived in several ways. My comparison is to another cliché that says that sometimes when you win, you actually lose, and other times when you lose, you actually win. The nice thing about the subject of literature is that many of the stories, poems, and plays are entertaining in …show more content…
The story A & P from chapter one was a good reflection into my own past. However, I never thought of quitting a job just to impress a girl (Clugston, 2014). This story is about observing others and standing up for what you believe in. One of my potential largest weaknesses is that I am not very observant of my surroundings. This gives people the impression that I am stuck up, and don’t care about others. Unfortunately, many first impressions can be wrong. This is the complete opposite. I do care, but I am not the type to eaves drop on other people’s conversations, or try to be the center of attention. I prefer to try to stay focused upon the task at hand and move on to something else. The cashier in A & P describes three girls very vividly (Clugston, 2014). Right down to their skin tone, body shape, and details on the clothing they are wearing (Clugston, 2014). The situation of disagreeing with a boss is a common occurrence that most people will face at least once in their lives. I remember having a situation with one of my first bosses when I was about nineteen years old. I got tired of three or four people in the department have to work excessively hard while the rest just sat around and talked including the supervisor. I complained to the supervisor’s boss, and my supervisor found out about our conversation. He threatened to fire me. This was a situation where I should have just quit, but having a little bit of wisdom, I knew I needed to stick it out until I found another. Which, I did, very quickly. In the story A & P, the cashier uses poor judgement. Especially, without realizing that he was in the wrong. The company has a policy for a reason, and his boss was just trying to enforce it. However, he could have gone about it another way that wouldn’t have come across so mean to the girls and upsetting to the

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