Topics: High school, Secondary school, Youth Pages: 4 (1424 words) Published: September 23, 2013
Blabbing Out Faith
Angelu D. Peralta

Faith? Believing in God. Faith? Praying. Faith? Helping those who are in need. Faith? Glorifying God. Faith? Being a good person. Faith? Striving to be a true children of God. But wait, is faith just really about doing these things? As far as I know, believing in God would make it all. As they say, faith is believing without seeing.

Explaining how important faith is, is very hard than explaining how much you love food. Isn’t it? Because faith is something we do consciously or unconsciously. It is something we do to feed our spiritual needs. Things that may not stuff our stomachs, but things that fulfills our hearts. It is more of gratitude rather than satisfaction.

But when do you say that someone is faithful? Are there any points to be considered? It can be.. Going to church every Sunday. Praying every day. Offering gifts to the poor. Reading the bible. But what if, things happens like this. Yes, you go to church every Sunday but because you just want to see your boyfriend/girlfriend and not because you want to listen to the homily. Yes, you pray everyday, but because you always ask God for the things you want without even saying sorry or thank you. Yes, you offer gifts to the poor, but because you want to be known as a rich person and not because you really want to help. Yes, you read the bible, but because you just want to post a status on your facebook account just to tell everybody that you are a good person without even understanding what you are reading. It doesn’t make sense after all.

Amen? Yeah. I can’t tell you that I am faithful. I am but not that very very. I do good things but still I commit mistakes. But you know, building your faith won’t be easy. Especially if you’ve chosen to forget about it for a long time. I was just fortunate because I found a place where my faith was strengthened. A place where you won’t be judged with the things you have done. Instead, they’ll help you correct it. And...
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