Why japan

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Why japan ?
In the field of research, Japan is known for high-level achievements in natural sciences and technology development. In media and communication research, communication technology has by far the area received the most attention and funding from both public and private sources in Japan. The u-Japan strategy and other visions of the future lead the development of humanoids and robotics, research on human-computer communication, ubiquitous computing and mobile technology.

Basic information on Japan
Japan has 128 million inhabitants and is the second largest national economy by nominal GDP in the world.Products of the Japanese manufacturing industry spread around the world from 1960s onwards, first as cheap and low quality products, then increasingly high quality but reasonably priced everyday items: cars, home appliances, and consumer electronics. The concept of information society was invented and first used in Japan in the 1960s. Although the spread of mobile phones did not begin in Japan, the development of mobile technology content business has already been, for several years, the fastest and most advanced in Japan. Japan has also recently developed into a major importer of media contents, brands and fashions and other cultural innovations such as karaoke and sudoku. In last twenty years, the influence of Japanese popular media culture has strengthened in the global setting. It has been growing since the mid-1990s in the US and England (e.g. Kinsella 1999). In 2002 journalist Douglas McCray invented the concept “Japan’s Gross National Cool” to describe the trendiness and appeal of Japanese popular phenomena outside Japan. This “Japan Cool” or “Cool Japan” has now returned to Japan, and is utilized for different purposes. Akihabara in Tokyo, earlier known as the paradise for lovers of electronic equipment, has in last ten years broadened its scope to anime (animation films) and manga (comics) related products, as well as cosplay (costume play,...
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