Why Guns Are Good

Topics: United States, Thomas Jefferson, Law Pages: 3 (856 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Transforming independent individuals into slaves requires extensive indoctrination. The way they view life, the world, and themselves must be molded into an outlook that is compatible with tyranny. They must be trained to be scared of the world, and always to be seeking some “authority” to protect and take care of them. Whenever a problem arises, they should look to their rulers for the solution rather than taking it upon themselves to fix it.

One of the main problems that the peasants must be trained not to deal with themselves is violent conflict. It is imperative that they view you (and your enforcers) as the only protection against robbery, assault, and murder. In short, they must be indoctrinated in such a way that they do not even want to be able to defend themselves. The reason is simple: if the peasants feel capable and entitled to “enforce justice” themselves, they might just decide to enforce a little justice against you. And that obviously won’t do.

They must be trained to give up their belief in their right to defend themselves, which is not an easy thing to do. You must attack “peasant justice” in any ways you can think of, such as: 1) “Vigilante justice can never be as just or fair as our system”; 2) “You can’t possibly protect yourselves; let us do it”; 3) “If you have a gun, you’ll only hurt yourself”; 4) “If the peasants were allowed to use force, there would be chaos”; 5) “Private protection agencies would just deteriorate into competing gangs of thugs”; and so on. Often privately-enforced justice is referred to as the people “taking the law into their own hands,” which reinforces the idea that only enforcers of “the law” should ever use force, and of course the lowly peasants can’t be allowed to do that.

The point requires a lot of indoctrination because it is so
contrary to the instinct every creature has to defend itself and its pack. A few samples of past attitudes show how far the U.S. empire has come in training its citizens to...
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