Why Education Is More Important Than Money

Topics: Probability theory, Normal distribution, Binomial distribution Pages: 6 (2045 words) Published: December 18, 2012
Subject : Probability and Statistics = PS Strand 1: Introduction to Statistics. Strand 2: Organizing Data. Strand 3 : Averages and Variation Strand 4: Elementary Probability Theory. Strand 5: The Binomial Probability Distribution and Related Topics. Strand 6: Normal Distributions. Strand 7: Introduction to Sample Distributions. Benchmark Code Subject (M, S, SS, LA).Grade#.Strand#.Standard#. Benchmark# Example: PS.1.4.3 – Probability and Statistics, Strand 1, Standard 4, Benchmark 3 Strand: 1 INTRODUCTION TO STATISTICS. Standard 1: Introduction to statistical data. Students will be able to state the importance of the study of Statistics, the nature of the statistical data, what a sample is, what the sampling methods are and how to design ways to collect data. Benchmark Code Benchmark PS.1.1.1 Identify variables in a statistical study. PS. 1.1.2 Distinguish between quantitative and qualitative variables. PS. 1.1.3 Identify populations and samples. PS.1.1.4 Determine the levels of measurement. PS. 1.1.5 Compare descriptive and inferential statistics. Standard 2: Random samples. Students will be able to explain why random sampling is important to the study of Statistics, they will know how to use a their calculators o a random number table to make a simulation, and describe different sampling strategies and how to use them. Benchmark Code Benchmark PS.1.2.1 Explain the importance of random samples. PS.1.2.2 Construct a simple random sample using random numbers. PS.1.2.3 Simulate a random process. Describe stratified sampling, cluster sampling, systematic sampling and convenience sampling. Standard 3: Introduction to Experimental Design. Students will learn the basics for planning a statistical study understanding the differences between observations and experiments. Benchmark Code Benchmark PS. 1.3.1 Be able to explain the term census. PS.1.3.2 PS.1.3.3 PS.1.3.4 Describe simulations, observational studies and experiments. Identify control groups, placebo effects and randomized twotreatment design. Discuss potential pitfalls that might make the data unreliable. PS.1.2.4

Mathematics Course: Probability and Statistics Grade: 12

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Strand: 2 ORGANIZING DATA Standard 1: Graphing statistical data. Students should be able to display effectively information using a variety graphs. Benchmark Code Benchmark PS.2.1.1 Determine types of graphs appropriate for specific data. PS. 2.1.2 Construct bar graphs, Pareto charts, circle graphs, and time plots. PS.2.1.3 Interpret information displayed in graphs. Standard 2: Frequency distributions and histograms. Students will be able to organize data in a frequency table and construct a histogram or a frequency polygon. Benchmark Code Benchmark PS.2.2.1 Organize raw data using a frequency table. PS.2.2.2 Construct histograms, relative-frequency histograms, frequency polygons and orgies. PS.2.2.3 Recognize basic distribution shapes: uniform, symmetric, bimodal, and skewed. PS.2.2.4 Interpret graphs in the context of the data setting. Standard 3: Stem-and-leaf displays. Students will be able to construct a stem-and-leaf display. Benchmark Code Benchmark PS.2.3.1 Construct a stem-and –leaf display from raw dataPS.2.3.2 Use a stem-and-leaf display to visualize data distribution. PS.2.3.3 Compare a stem-and leaf display to a histogram. Strand: 3 AVERAGES AND VARIATION Standard 1: Measures of central tendency. Mean, Median, Mode. Students will be able to understand, state and/or compute the measures of central tendency. Benchmark Code Benchmark PS.3.1.1 Compute mean, median and mode of raw data. PS.3.1.2 Interpret what mean, mode and median tell us. PS.3.1.3 Explain how mean, median and mode can be affected by extreme data values. PS.3.1.4 Compute a trimmed means and explains why is used. Standard 2: Measures of variation. Students will be able to understand, state and/or compute the measures of variation. Benchmark Code Benchmark PS.3.2.1 Find...
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