Why Ebay Failed in Asia

Topics: United States, EBay, Asia Pages: 2 (692 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Pierre Omidyar founded EBay on September 3, 1995 after many years of successful business in the United States eBay decided to expand its business to Asia; unfortunately business was not as successful in Asia as it was in the United States. (1) Understanding the four principles of marketing will help explain why eBay did not succeed in Asia. Product, Place, Price and Promotion are rules that eBay did not take into consideration by or clearly understand before proceeding into unknown territory.

Not knowing tendencies of Asians was one of many issues that prevented eBay from succeeding. Unlike America where we are more trusting of strangers and purchasing second hand goods in Asia there's a stigma against buying or using used goods; in some parts of Asia even amongst siblings people don't pass down their clothes. (Schonfeld, 2005) There is significant variation in beliefs, attitudes, perceptions in Internet buying behavior across regions that eBay should have understood (2). According to Kotler and Gertner’s Journal of a Brand Management published 2002 it states that people will buy products based on where it is assembled or who promotes it. This is true when it comes to the Asian market. Some and most Asians are reluctant to buy goods simply because they do not like what region on Asia it comes from. In America there have been many complaints by customers in online chat forums stating that counterfeit and crappy goods are being sold online by eBay and customers are not able to file a complaint or receive a refund.

EBay did not consider the pricing process when developing its prices for simple online trades. EBay was charging commission for all trades when its competition did not. In China an online trading site by the name of TaoBao (which means to search for treasure) (3) you can list and sell for free in South Korea by using Gmarket (5) it is available for individuals wanting to take advantage of a small fee based Internet auction....

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