Why Dogs are so Special?

Topics: Dog, Grape, Property Pages: 2 (876 words) Published: January 20, 2014
Why Dogs are so Special?
The loyalty you find in a dog is incomparable to that of anyone else; a bond is created that is both genuine and unique. For example, they can sense when you are not feeling well. It is something that cannot be found in other pets or humans for that matter. They are friendly, smart and easily trained. I have always found that dogs have made me happy when I am around them. Without a doubt, they are the most loyal and patient companions a person could ask for. I have two amazing puppies and both are "Jack Chi" which is a Jack Russell/ Chihuahua Mix. They are quite a piece of work with tons of energy and personality. Their names are Max and Trixie. When I am having a rough day, nothing lifts my spirits more than walking through my front door and seeing my puppies, sitting and waiting patiently. The sheer excitement in their eyes when they see me open the front door is enough to brighten my day. I do not know of anyone else who is more excited to see me on a daily basis. It is an instant self-esteem boost to know that someone was missing me while I was gone. Dogs and humans have been best friends for a long time. While dogs give unconditional love, loyalty and friendship to their owners, the owners are, in turn, responsible for their proper care, such as, providing healthy food, water, regular walking exercises and visits to the veterinary clinic. However, one night, I decided to put a few seedless grapes in the freezer to help relieve discomfort during their teething process. At that time, Max and Trixie were four months old. I gave both of them one grape. Max who loves food ate his and also her share. The following day, Max was suffering from diarrhea. He lost his appetite. I waited for another day to observe his condition and it did not get better. Instead of going to the vet, I decided to check on-line for causes and home remedies for diarrhea. My eyes got bigger and bigger. I could not believe what I read. "Grape and Raisin Poisoning in...
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