Why Do Some People Fear Death?

Topics: Fear, Anxiety, Claustrophobia Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: June 18, 2013
What Causes Some People to Fear Death?
Can you imagine spending every waking minute fearing something that is inevitable? Fear can be an overwhelming emotion powerful enough to disrupt your life, and the fear of death can disrupt life just enough to keep you from living it. It depends on the individual and their experiences to determine how life altering this phobia can be. The main reason people fear death is because they are scared of what will happen when they pass. They also fear losing a loved one for the same reason, or even leaving someone behind. People who have suffered childhood traumas or abuse are also likely to come to fear death. The fear of death can also originate from anxiety and individuals who suffer from mental disorders. For many people it can disrupt day to day activities and routines causing them to become overwhelmed and unable to enjoy life to its fullest. Regardless of your religion and beliefs, has there ever been a moment where you questioned where we go when we pass? Is there an afterlife or a heaven? Is there a place that we will reconnect with our loved ones? Those are the kind of questions that many people wonder about at one time or another. I do believe there is a heaven, but when I think about death I start to question my beliefs. Many people fear death because as humans we have the need to be in control. Some people might even go as far as getting unnecessary tests and health checks trying to prevent an untimely death. This can be considered hypochondria at its worst. To feel like you could possibly lose control to something that you can’t change could end up causing anxiety that affects your daily life in a very negative way. We all fear losing our loved ones; or leaving them behind to cope on their own. Most people who are parents have feared death, because the loss of a child is the worst thing that death could bring to a person. As a mother I couldn’t imagine anything worse than losing...
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