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Why Do Men Resort to Domestic Violence

Feb 17, 2002 890 Words
Introduction to Sociology Research- Paper1

One of the most overlooked forms of violence in today's society is domestic violence. Domestic violence is most likely to occur behind closed doors, which is one of the main reasons why domestic violence is not given that much attention. In most cases domestic violence is the silent, ugly side of dating and people do not like to talk about it. Due to the fact that domestic violence is becoming more common over the years warrants more and more research to help with the ongoing problem.

Why do men in the United States resort to domestic violence? Domestic violence is an intense or furious often-destructive action or force within the household. Domestic violence is measured by any physical or verbal abuse. This abuse could be used against any person within the family, or even a girlfriend or boyfriend. Physical or verbal abuse from an ex-girlfriend or an ex-boyfriend can also be considered a case of domestic violence. Domestic violence may be the cause of a fatal shooting or it could just simply be a man telling his wife that she is worthless, while he orders her around using profanity on a consistent basis.

My first article was a domestic violence case in Cleveland, Ohio that occurred on February 10, of this year. Mother Found Stabbed To Death In Closet. Her husband is now facing charges after the victim's body was discovered early Friday morning. The couple have two little girls, but it is not known if they were at the house during the stabbing. The victim, Bebe White, was a white female at the age of 25 and her husband, Vincent White, is a black male at the age of 34. The Whites had a history of domestic problems, said officials. Vincent White was just released from prison last year after serving two years for domestic violence, assault, and abduction. According to police and court records, Vincent White has had legal problems dating back to the late 1980's. Vincent White's father blamed what happened on his son's drug habit, however he did not go into what type of drugs.

In this article there were a few strengths. I believe finding out the age difference between the couple could have some meaning behind it. They were a mixed couple, which could also be the reason for some domestic troubles. The victim's husband had some drug issues, however the article did not specify what type or types of drugs the murderer was into. Knowing that Vincent White was doing drugs is a solid strength, but since the article did not go into detail it could also be considered a weakness.

The second article, Violence: The Silent, Ugly Side Of Dating, by Dennis Wilken-TGI Staff Writer. Porch and her staff go out to the high schools to discuss teen dating violence to help the younger generation opens their eyes to domestic violence. Porch is the teen co-coordinator for the Domestic Violence Clearinghouse and Legal Hotline. "We talk to both male and female students. Violence starts by someone thinking they have the right to control another person," Porch said. Porch goes on to say that the classic component to the program is education and they get the information out because no one deserves to be hurt. Porch also issued plenty of danger signs: excessive jealousy, isolation, sexual coercion, threats, name calling, not allowing you to make any relationship decisions, intimidation, not taking responsibility, partner checking up, and changing the way they dress.

Even though this article is about a program to help the younger generation, it offered a lot of red flag warnings, which were absolutely the strengths of my second article. The weakness of my article would have to be hard facts, there were none, but I felt this was an important article because it shows how much domestic violence has come over the years and gives women a lot of danger signs to look for when being in a relationship.

My third article was a shocking one. Female Abuse Continues In Pregnancy. Women who suffer from domestic violence by their partners are often beaten after getting pregnant and have given birth, which put their babies endanger also. More than 2,600 women in North Carolina participated in an 18-month study. The study found that about 7 percent suffered physical domestic violence during a sample 12-month period, and the abuse continued after becoming pregnant and gave birth. This study implies that intimate partner domestic violence is occurring in the immediate postnatal period, and an opportunity exists for pediatric health care practitioners to identify this domestic violence. "It is important to note that even this relatively low prevalence translates into the abuse of more than 3,000 new mothers annually in North Carolina," study author Sandra Martin of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

The strengths of my third article, Female Abuse Continues In Pregnancy, are the statistics from their studies. Knowing that domestic violence continues during pregnancy is also a strength. The weakness of this article is the fact that the studies were done in North Carolina and not the whole United States. Another weakness would be no mention of age, race, or religion.

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