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Why Did the Us Become an Imperial Power in the 1890s?

Oct 31, 2008 344 Words
In the 1890’s the U.S. was building further economic growth and they were aggressively focused on building a more powerful nation. The Americans began to create a stronger US military and started expansion abroad. Many looking for political domination of other nation’s governments seeking resources and markets.

The United States used there military in other nations a number of times. These forces were to protect the U.S. or to gain property. With a more modern navy the U.S. felt it was best that foreign nations had weak government and military so an attack would not succeeded against the United States. Cuba being only ninety miles off the coast of Florida posed the biggest threat to the United States. One of the most noted wars of the 1890’s was that of the Spanish-American war. They had a relatively easy victory over Spain. The result was the possession the United States took of Hawaii, Cuba, Puerto Rico Guam, and the Philippines. The United States then after wanted to gain better access for there navy to the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. With the increase in population, wealth, and industrial production the U.S demanded more resources. Many feared that there resources would run out at home and the U.S. should be prepared to look else where. The U.S. had become a leading economic power. There for the U.S. was able to engage in foreign expansion in overseas territory. Many farmers and manufacturers were looking to expand into foreign markets after there new found success. The “Open Door” policy was created with China so that the U.S. could have opportunities for new markets. In theory, all nations should have equal commercial and industrial trade rights in China. Because of the aggressing the United States took in gaining power over forin markits and gaining land it lead to them being a world power. Also with them having one of the strongest militaries and political control or influence over most nations made the U.S. an imperial power.

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