Why Did the United States Enter World War One

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Why did the United States enter World War One.
The industrial era had many effects, not the least of which was plunging the world into world war. One must consider the relationship between eras and events as a student of history. The industrial era created a perceived need in America for raw materials and markets for goods. The United States was not alone in this desire for expansion. All the industrial nations were in open competition to develop vast empires that would provide them with the fuel to run the factories of industrialism. This imperialist competition led to tension and the creation of vast armies. The willingness to use these armies was known as militarism. In order to feel safe (there was a pretty fair degree of paranoia as you can imagine) nations began to sign secret treaties formingalliances and Europe was divided into an armed camp. Tension was high, the subjugation (taking over) of other nations led to feelings of nationalism that would eventually light the spark that would explode Europe into the flames of conflict.
The causes of World War One as discussed above can be summarized by the following acronym as a mnemonic device:
A- Alliance: European nations signed secret treaties that created a system of alliances pitting nation versus nation.
N - Nationalism: There were intense feelings of nationalism on the part of subjugated nationalities. These feelings would eventually lead to rash acts.
I - Imperialism: Competition to develop vast empires caused tension and conflict.
M - Militarism: Nations built huge armies to defend themselves and help to gain these empires. It was a natural feeling for them to want to use these militaries.
A - Anarchy: There was no international organization to help them deal with their problems.
L - Leadership: It was poor. Just look at the system they set up...quite poor indeed.

These were the conditions facing Europe as a crisis emerged in the Balkans. The Archduke of Austria Hungary, a traditional power, was touring

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