Why Did Rome Fall Essay

Topics: Great Depression, United States, Unemployment, Roman Empire, World War II, Ancient Rome / Pages: 4 (942 words) / Published: Jan 21st, 2016
The Roman Empire was a great empire and was around for some time, but all great things come to an end. Many things took part in dragging the Roman Empire down, but the economy and its problems were one of the main causes why the empire fell. As we know the economy is a big part of what keeps a country going, however in Rome the economy had problems that contributed to Rome’s fall.
The rise of taxes wasn’t easy on anyone. Taxes made most of the peasants’ day to day lives difficult to live. There was really no way for them to escape the taxes, which forced them to give themselves to others and work as slaves. Slaves became very important to rich people because they would do things that needed to be done. They would take care of the fields and the crops, and they would also take
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The poor and rich didn’t know it, but they depended on each other more than they thought. The poor depended on the rich to give them jobs, and the rich needed the poor so they could get work done. Unfortunately, when the taxes were raised, most of the rich people gathered up their belongings and moved away. When the rich moved away, it left the poor without any jobs. Since the rich were no longer around, the poor were not able to pay the tax that the emperor had set up because they didn’t have any jobs to earn money. Rome’s economy began to struggle since there was barely anyone to do the jobs that lower class people could fulfill. Not only were the poor effected but the rich were also. The rich no longer had people to tend to the fields and work as craftsmen, and the military wasn’t able to gain new soldiers for the army. Since Rome no longer had people to fight in their army, they no longer could expand their territory. The numbers went down in both military treasures and slaves, and it made a big dent in the trade system, causing them to lose their grip on Europe

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