Why college students should study religion

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Life in the Spiritual Realm
From handcuffs to holding hands with my fellow church members I can personally say God has saved me from devastation. My first two years of high school was very unbiblical. My freshman and sophomore year I had little to no spiritual leader and influence in my life. I was running with the world. I was in love with what the world had to offer me. I soon became not only a victim but also a leader of what the world wanted me to lead. I was encouraging fellow students to do wrongs things and I was hosting parties and loads of sinful events. My senior year of high school is when it hit me, hearing the sirens and the police officer questioning me and trying to take me away really opened my eyes. After this disappointing event my parents started to keep somewhat of an eye on me and what I was doing at all times. My parents also started making me go to church. I can honestly say I hated church at first I was resentful and stubborn. After consistently going to church for months and months I felt different. I was no longer doing the wrong things the world was pulling on me to do. The single influence of the church helped me understand what was best for my life and my soul. I had my hiccups while attending church but overall I was light years ahead in life than where I had been for seventeen years. My background proves that Spiritual and Religious events can help students and teenagers in trouble. The benefits to mental health include protection from depression and giving a sense of optimism. Nursing and Health Sciences Magazine says Specifically religion/spirituality appears to confer a stable and moderate protective effect against depression, In terms of global burden of disease the World Health Organization currently ranks depression as number four in the world and anticipates it moving to second place in the coming decade (Berry 117) Because religion is able to have moderate effects against depression, there is no reason why one should not participate. Wrights States University Devon Berry states “In the USA, almost 10% of university students have been diagnosed with, or treated for, depression in the past twelve months” (Berry 119). Depression is a high risk factor for suicide and is the second-cause of death among college students. Therefore, because students are able to buffer depression by participation in religious practices, they prevent suicide amongst themselves or their peers. Religious practices don’t only lower the suicide rate but can help all students in every aspect make better decisions and better life choices. Religion and spirituality bring about hope, peace and provide a positive outlook on life. The study of religion and spirituality is vital to all types of students and should be required for all students as revealed in the many benefits to mental health, academics, and physical health. Colleges who requested to be anonymous did a study, which was conducted using a group of 342 students. These students were divided up into three sample groups and were all given the same questionnaire regarding the importance of religion. Sample one consisted of a private West Coast Catholic College. Sample two consisted of a Southern public state university. Sample three consisted of a Southern private Baptist college. While the results did very slightly amongst the three sample groups, it is believed to be due to geographical location. Thomas G. Plante is the Augustin Cardinal Bea, S.J. University Professor psychology on the faculty of Santa Clara University he says, Strength of faith was associated with meaning in life and optimism among the West Coast private and Southern public samples but not the Southern private college sample. Strength of faith was associated with experiencing life as a positive challenge between the two Southern college samples but not among the...

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