Why 'the Crucible' Remains Important Today

Topics: Salem witch trials, Salem, Massachusetts, Witchcraft Pages: 3 (1003 words) Published: September 13, 2005
Why ‘The Crucible' Remains Important Today

For a story of any kind to have any relevance or meaning some 50 years after being written and indeed almost 400 years after it was set, it needs to contain themes and ideas that have been uniformly felt and experienced by people from all walks of life as well as continuing to speak to and have meaning to new and changed generations of people. Years after being written, Arthur Miller's ‘The Crucible', still successfully speaks to numerous generations of people, that although live in different countries, under different governments and belong to different peer groups, experience the same issues that the characters of ‘The Crucible' experienced as well as the same issues that were experienced by Arthur Miller at the time of writing. ‘The Crucible' effectively addresses not only the issue of conformity found in all social groups, it illustrates the remarkable amount of power a select group of people may possess, purely because it is they who are entitled to interpret the various law and morals by which people live as well as the numerous injustices that continue to torment mankind.

A strong theme in ‘The Crucible', conformity is an idea or even an issue that has been present and has plagued mankind for generations. The indisputable need to conform to the Church's view and those of its ministers is gravely evident in ‘The Crucible' and causes much personal conflict in the play's characters. The group of accused charac-ters must either turn their backs on their beliefs and morals and lie by admitting to having ‘trafficked with the devil', thereby conforming to the Church's desires. Their only other option is to follow their beliefs and morals by refusing to lie which quite possibly could result in death by hanging. This kind of pressure has plagued cultures everywhere for almost all of time and it begs the question: ‘Is a person bad if they do not live by the rules of the Church, their government or their social group...
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