who is to blame for the murder of King Duncan

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Macbeth Essay

Macbeth could one day be King of Scotland if he commits to a bad prophecy but hesitates. He assesses his pros and cons and thinks about all the bad things that could happen to him. Lady Macbeth, Macbeth’s wife, bullies Macbeth into the prophecy and doesn’t like when she gets told that he doesn’t want to go ahead with it all. The Witched predict Macbeths future and put the idea into his head first that he could one day become King of Scotland. All three witches have a say in predicting his Future.

Macbeth has the chance to become king but the only way he can do that is by killing his friend Duncan who is already king. He has mixed reactions and wishes there would be no consequences, “If the assassination could trammel up the consequence, and catch
With his surcease success.” Macbeth contemplating the prophecy shows that his thoughts jumped to the murder before Lady Macbeth’s did. Macbeth falls for the temptation of becoming king and says to Lady Macbeth, “I have done the deed, didst thou not hear a noise?” Macbeth has committed the wrongdoing in killing Duncan but has some side affects of the killing with an imaginary blood stained dagger in his sights. Macbeth chose to listen to his wife resulting in the death of a dear friend just so he could be the Thane of Cawdor.

Lady Macbeth is the driving force behind Macbeth killing Duncan urging him on to do it for his sake. Although Macbeth would love to be king, he cant imagine what could happen if he does kill Duncan and says to lady Macbeth, “we will proceed no further in this business”, Lady Macbeth replies angrily in saying “ I would, while smiling in my face, have plucked my nipple from his boneless gums and dashed his brains out, had I sworn as you have done this”. She explains that she would do pretty much anything after saying that she would go ahead with the murder. Lady Macbeth blackmails him into the

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