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Who Is He

By harikumar-VS Mar 01, 2015 1030 Words
In the name of Allah…
About 2 billion (200 crore) people, seek solutions for their problems from this Great Personality. In the world’s population ratio, every 1 out of 4 people respect, regard and revere him more than their own souls.

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About 1484 years ago, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) was born in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.
He was an honest and successful trader (business man) at the age of 25 and eventually became the richest at the age of 40 in Mecca. It was at the age of 40, when he revealed to the people of Mecca that he was getting divinely messages from Almighty God and that he is a Messenger of God. So it is explicit that he did not have to cheat people for gaining money from them as he was already the richest in the town. His purpose was neither to increase his financial status, because he was even forced to flee Mecca, his own city, leaving behind all his property and wealth. He could have saved himself from being forced to flee the city, by revoking the messengerhood, which the people of Mecca were expecting from him. However, he sacrificed all his property and wealth and left the city of Mecca with empty hands. Hence his intention clearly was not to gain any wealth by misusing the God’s name due to the reason that he had to sacrifice all his hard earned wealth just for the sake of the keeping God’s doctrine and principle alive.

No one would ever come forward to lose any wealth by misusing God’s name for gaining more wealth. The one who wanted to gain wealth by misusing God’s name would not lose any of that he already got. After he fled Mecca, he ruled Medina by making an excellent government there. If he wanted, he could have earned lot of wealth by being a king.

But he did not gain or multiply any wealth for him though he had an option to do so. He did not live his life in a palace like other kings do.
He lived his whole life in a small hut.
He and his family did not, regularly, even eat a stomach full of food. He had only a handful of dates and water to eat for months and was content with that. He had only two cloaks of dresses to wear for his whole life time and had only one or two stitched dresses to wear in special occasions.

He did not even use lamp at home. He spent nights in darkness in his entire life. He could not even gain back his ‘pawned armor’ before his death. A small land, a horse and a few goats were what he had left as inheritance before his demise. Even those, he had commanded to be accumulated to the public property and said none of his family members should inherit them.

With such simple and humble life, no one would ever imagine that he misused his kingdom for gaining wealth, or getting fame, or respect from the people. If it was so, then he need not had to lose them by misusing God’s name.

“I do not tell you that I have the treasures of Allah, or that I know the unseen”

“I am accountable for my own mistakes”
“I am only a man like you” are some of the messages where Quran commands to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to convey to the people.
Quran even contains verses that warn Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on some occasions such as “Fear them not, fear me”, also a verse that condemns the Prophet for ignoring a blind person when he approached him, etc.

Being common people, we would never come forward to do something that will diminish our prestige and dignity in the society. But Muhammad (pbuh), being a messenger of God, never minded to reveal the verses to the people that warn and condemn him for his mistakes. If Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) wanted he would have declared to the people that he was God and no wonder people would have accepted him as God, because he had followers who loved him so much so that they would do anything for him for his commands. Yet, he declared himself as a common man and not God or a part of God.

This information is available in glorious Quran, which the Prophet affirmed to the people as the ‘word of God’.
If we could give a thought on this, as to how one would ever reveal verses to the people as God’s verses that condemns oneself a few times that brings humiliation to his prestige and dignity, we can easily conclude that these surely can never be his own words but the words of God. There was no palanquin to him, in spite of him being a king. There was no gatekeeper for him

he did not allow people to bow down to him
He warned people ‘not to praise him to the extreme as people did to Jesus, so much so that they started worshiping Jesus as God’.
He did not like to receive any special courtesy or even an ordinary respect from the people what even a common man would expect to. He neither received it as he used to mingle with people and behave with them as a common man.

He has given solution to all the problems in the world. No wonder, George Bradshaw praised about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in the book ‘the Genuine Islam’, “If a man like him (Muhammad) were to given the dictatorship of the modern world, he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it much needed peace and happiness”. To know more about this great messenger of God and to know the solutions he gives to the humanity, Contact Mobile no: 99520 46555

To understand ISLAM in its purest form, watch ‘IMAYAM’ Channel Insha Allah from Daily 10:30 pm to 11 pm programs presented by TNTJ

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