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". . .who am I to judge?"

By Aries-Dave Feb 13, 2014 344 Words
Recently, Pope Francis was asked in an interview on what can he say about homosexuality, and his answer struck the whole world -- "If the person is gay and seeks the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?"

A problem without solution is not a problem, but a reality to be accepted. We are all aware of homosexuality and how it affects our society. Some would treat them as bringer of misfortunes or a contagious disease because of the discriminations they're getting. As humans, we tend to judge our neighbors without even considering their situation. There are studies conducted as to what are the reasons for being homosexual. Results show that the reasons could either be because of "nature or nurture" factors. Homosexuals would claim that they are what they are ever since they were born. However, there are also claims that they became homosexuals when they're already adults. Either way, both factors are accepted as grounds for being homosexual.

Its Showtime just ended their "That's my Tomboy" segment which highlights lesbians and their lives. It gave a big impact even on our country's stand as a Christian country that lesbians are also humans that can feel hurt and badly needs acceptance from the society. Now, another segment in Its Showtime was launched which highlights gays and it is known as "I am Pogay". With these kind of contests on national television, we became aware of how these homosexuals feel about their real situation, and that like anybody else, they're also humans. To conclude, homosexuality, in general, is really not a problem without solution, but a reality to be accepted.

We're all humans created in the likeness of God, so who are we to judge them? Equality, respect, and acceptance are some of the values that we must inculcate in us with regards to these reality of homosexuality. All of us are equal creations of God; written or not in the Bible, homosexuals do exist so it means they are also creations of God that we must respect, accept, and love.

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