Which one of the Superpowers was most responsible for the outbreak of the Cold War?

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Which one of the Superpowers was most responsible for the outbreak of the Cold War?

From the late 1940s to the early 1990s, the USA and the USSR were in a state of "Cold War". The United States and USSR never fought each other in a direct military confrontation, but both superpowers threatened each other with nuclear annihilation and participated frequently in "proxy Wars" by supporting allied nations in numerous "hot" Wars. Such as, the Vietnam War, the Korean War, The Angolan War, etc. What seems evident is that both Superpowers were promoting the endless Cold War, but which Superpower is to be blame for the start of this Cold War?

In February 1945, a conference in Yalta was held between the 3 Allies, UK, America and USSR. There were many discussions were held on the settlements of post War. Plans were made to determine the final strategies and future peace. During the Yalta conference, it became evident that the Soviets, were not planning on following any of the new treaties being created in support of self-determining governments in Eastern Europe. Following this conference was the death of Franklin Roosevelt, a new Harry Truman and Stalin would not see eye to eye on almost anything and took a great disliking towards one another. Thus creating tension between the Allies.

A subsequent conference was held on June 1945, at Potsdam,Germany. Once again all 3 allies were present to discuss matters related to post War affairs. Disagreements between zones were made. However no agreement could be reach on the amount of reparations russia were allowed to make. It was agreed that Russia could take whatever it wanted from the Soviet zone, and 10 percent of the industrial equipment of the western zones, but Britain and the US thought this was too much. Truman feared Communism immensely. He feared that the Soviets would take over the U.S. and take away their freedoms. He established a policy of "containment" towards the Soviet Union. The policy was to retain from going to war with the Soviets, but rather to keep the Soviets within its own boundaries.

One of the many event that lead up to the embarkment of the Cold War was the American fear in Communism. Truman a person who could not find in him to like Stalin and his ideology in the first place, feared the worst of the Communist Regime, This fear was fed by the news media and politicians who portrayed the Soviets was bent on world domination. In communist nations, people were not allowed to own land, follow their religious beliefs, or speak and act freely. On the other hand, The Soviets were repellent towards the idea of Capitalism, as it was seen as a diminishing force within their everyday life. For example, a factory breakdown would often be attributed to a spy trying to or damaging the equipment. Similar to a crop light, etc. Communism had its own cultural symbols, which were clearly defined and considered unchangeable, in the eyes of the Soviets. To counter this growing affection of western joys, the Soviets started to emphasize on the negative aspects of capitalism, such as racism, unemployment, homelessness, street violence, and of course the nuclear threat and general brawling. Both countries, had strong dislikings to one another, creating tension between themselves. America fearing Communism and The Soviets taking a bitter disliking toWards Capitalism. On top of each country hating one another ideologies, both leaders Truman, and Stalin, just did not have anything else in common.

The Alliance between Britain, America and the USSR, was no friendship but rather a way to survive the terrors of the World War. America and Britain wanted to keep nuclear secrets all to themselves.It made sense that, having spent billions to discover and create the most devastating weapon in history, they would want to protect this information. They feared that due the difference in ideologies the Soviets would use this information to their advantage. If this were true it would have...

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