Where You Come from

Topics: Meaning of life, Moon, Earth / Pages: 4 (878 words) / Published: Mar 20th, 2013
By: Joy Harjo

Ty’Asia Morgan

English 113-20
Meghan RobbinsSevel
March 22, 2013

Remembering is the great part of having memory. We should always remember where we come from as a part of our history. Remembering where you come from identifies the meaning of who you really are. “Remember the sky you were born under, know each of the star’s stories” (Harjo 802 L1). The first line is this poem symbolizes the whole poem’s meaning to remember where you were born and the stars are each problem that may have occurred in your life. It is important to know where we come from because the world was living before we was born and will continue to live after we die. Even though you may don’t feel as if life is as important, it is. Life is what you make it and you should live it to the fullest and make the best of it. Making the best of any situation is the most accurate thing to do.
“Remember by Joy Harjo” is brought to us thorough personification, imagery, and sound. “Remember the moon, know who she is” (Harjo 802 L3). This personification is referring to the moon as a woman. I feel as when the night starts to fall and the moon comes out that, that’s just the ending of the day. Referring to the moon as a woman is making the moon a very important part of life. Imagery occurs in this poem a lot. “Remember the earth whose skin you are: red earth, black earth, yellow earth, white earth, brown earth, we are earth (Harjo 802 L12). Remembering all the different races and people is very important. The Arthur is emphasizing that life it more than just life itself. Some people just live it and don’t care what may happen and how it might turn out. I feel like if you know where you come from and your background is what makes you. If you don’t know any of that, you really do not know who you really are. I couldn’t imagine not knowing where I grew up, or who my family is. I even loved to meet new people, even when I was a little girl. When I was four years old I was in

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