When Radiation Therapy Kills

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Case Study Chapter 5
When Radiation Therapy Kills

1. What concept in this chapter are illustrated in this case? What ethical issues are raised by radiation technology?

There are three basic concept that can be apply in ethics in an information society. The concept that illustrated in this case is accountability. Accountability can be define as the responsibility to someone or for some activity. In this case hospital need to find the mechanism to identify the responsible parties for the radiation therapy kills. The research of New York City hospitals found that the key of this problem cause by the combination of the malfunctions and user error that cause the patient were exposed to excessive dosages of radiation in his body.

One of the ethical issues that raised by radiation technology is machine malfunction. Machine malfunction happens when technician was coding certain code of threating their patient, the machine was doing the other things. Moreover, human error is one of the ethical issue that raised by radiation technology. The technician had failed to notice error massage on the machine screen indicate that there is an error regards on the radiation therapy treatment.

Moreover, human error also is one of the ethical issues. This is because when technician wrongly setting the machine, it will effect the patients health. For example, as a results of the careless of the technician, Mr. Jerome-Parks receives an overdose radiation that make him experiences deafness and near-blindness, ulcers in his mouth and throat, persistent nausea, and severe pain. This will make the patient suffer because of the carelessness of the staff who in charge the machine.

2. What management, organization, and technology factors were responsible for the problems detailed in this case? Explain the role of each.

Management need to responsible for the recruitment of their staff. In this case, they hired an inexperience...
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