When Harry Met Sall

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Interpersonal Communication
‘When Harry Met Sally’ is a romantic comedy set from the mid 1970’s to the mid-to-late 1980’s. From the beginning the film seemed like the perfect example from Mark Knapp’s 10 stages of relational development. There was a plethora of talking and Harry was quite witty while Sally was very sweet and up-beat. As a personal opinion, at first the film seemed to be slightly boring plot-wise – a man and a woman meet to travel a ways to the city? Sounds like the perfect situation to ‘fall in love’ in and have a happily ever-after. Though, as more of the movie was watched, it became more interesting and less of an assignment requirement.

In relation to Harry and Sally’s relationship regarding Mark Knapp’s 10 stages of relational development, they jump around from following the path with initiating and experimenting in the beginning of the film while they were driving to New York, to initiating to terminating right away after their second encounter at the airport. After both characters find themselves apart from their wife and boyfriend respectively, they crashed into each other at a bookstore and skipped right back into the experimenting stage, where they spoke to each other about friendship and having dinner. After initiating their friendship they began to grow closer, stepping up to the intensifying stage – where they spend a lot of time with each other and where Harry confides in Sally about the girls he takes out for dinner and Sally in the odd dream or two she occasionally has – where no one would know she had unless they were told. Soon enough they casually went on to the intensifying stage as they spent the most of their time together than with their respective best friends (which they unwittingly got them into a relationship with each-other), and as it happens, Sally one night calls Harry crying about her ex-boyfriend getting married to a woman he had just met, the two main characters in the film intensify their relationship and...
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