When Committing Murder is Morally Justified

Topics: Agatha Christie, Murder, Jury Pages: 3 (2036 words) Published: November 3, 2014

When Committing Murder is Morally Justified
There are many occasions when murders are committed and murderers are not brought to justice. In And Then There Were None and Murder on the Orient Express by Agatha Christie the theme in the books is, the morality of murder - that murder can be right and morally justified. Both books illustrate that murders took place and that the individuals that committed theses murders got away with them. As a result, the surviving family, friends and others such as Justice Wargrave, were left feeling that justice had not been served and this caused them to take action themselves. The theme is demonstrated through reason, careful planning and an obsession with justice. In And Then There Were None, Justice Wargrave wanted to commit a murder, but just not any crime; he wanted to commit a crime that was not like any other and he wanted to do it before he died. He knew that he was sick and did not have much longer to live. “I have wanted- let me admit it frankly- to commit a murder myself”... “It must be a fantastical crime- something stupendous- out of the common! In that one respect, I have still, I think, adolescent’s imagination. I wanted something theatrical, impossible.” (Christie 287) “No, my death should take place in a blaze of excitement. I would live before I died.” (Christie 292) The ten people all committed crimes for which they were never charged or punished. They also never took responsibility for their actions and they just tried to forget about it by acting like nothing ever happened. “You are charged with the following indictments:

“Edward George Armstrong, that you did upon the 14th day of March, 1925, cause death of Louisa Mary Clees. “Emily Caroline Brent, that upon the 5th of November, 1931, you were responsible for the death of Beatrice Taylor. “William Henry Blore. That you brought about the death of James Stephen Landor on October 10th, 1928. “Vera Elisabeth Claythorne, that on the 11th day of August,...
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