What a College Education Means to Me

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In my mind, I see a long, white corridor, and the length of this corridor is infinite. Hanging from the ceiling is a flashing neon sign, and on that sign is the word "SUCCESS". As I look down the corridor, I can see beautifully carved mahogany doors with shiny brass knobs. Mounted on the front of all the doors are shiny brass plates that are marked "OPPORTUNITY". I walk to the first door, and try to open it, but the door is locked, so I move down the corridor to the next door. I place my hand on the knob, and try turning it only to find that this door is also locked. I go from one door to the next, trying another, and another. Before long, I find myself running frantically down the corridor, jiggling all the door knobs. They are all locked, and no matter how hard I try, none of them can be opened.

Frustrated, I hang my head in defeat, and walk back to the beginning of the corridor. It is a long walk, and I feel alone, trapped in this corridor, not knowing where to turn or what to do, as I search for a way out. When I reach the place where my journey began, I notice a table that was not there before. I approach the table; it is draped with a white cloth, and on it lays a golden key with a filigree handle. I pick up the key, which is pleasantly warm, and heavy, to examine it more closely. Turning the key over, and over in my hands, I can see two words engraved on the handle, they are "COLLEGE EDUCATION". As I stare at this key, wondering where it came from, and why it is here, an idea forms in my mind.

I approach the first door, the one that I could not open before. Standing there, I look at the key in my hand, and I ask myself, "Will this key open the door?" I decide to go for it, and place the key in the lock, turning it slowly while I hold my breath. I hear a series of clicks, and the door swings wide open. To my amazement, I see my family having a picnic. They look so happy with their smiling faces in the sunshine, like pretty flowers blooming in...
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