What type of man that girls are attracted to?

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What type of man that girls are attracted to?
In the modern life, the society is more and more developed. The relationships between the citizens are more complicated too. There is no research can point out exactly what is the perfect kind of men attract to women. Every woman has the heart to look , feel their assessment ,and realize what they want from their man. Some people choose a tall man, handsome, psychological, caring person who they love. But the others do not care about his appearance but they want to find a person with humor, witty, and little charming. In addition, there are also women who want to find a man who loves his sincere, caring career and family ...Therefore, , this research paper helps us understand more about the tends and various kinds of men attract to women in the modern life. II. SOME FACTORS THAT AFFECT WOMEN’S IDEA ABOUT THEIR MEN: In reality, the first sight is always the most important factor to attract a woman and it was proved by scientists. According to a survey conducted by 100 students at the age between 18-23, there are 74% of women are attracted by healthy men, 17% attracted by men who are tall and thin like Korean movie stars, 6% attracted by fat men and surprisingly only 2% attracted by super muscle men. As we known, the human body is developed by splitting cells. If the division is perfect, the result is symmetric body. So it makes sense to believe that a symmetric body or face is a sign of good gene to survive and develop and also a sign of a good health. “If you choose a perfectly symmetrical partner and reproduce with them, your offspring will have a better chance of being symmetric and able to deal with perturbations” said evoluntionary biologist Randy Thornhill of the University of New Mexico.

Unlike appearance, one’s personalities can not be realized at the first moment. However, some still can attract women’s sight. In the survey, 42% of women said that they like caring men. 24% like friendly men. Women are least attracted to men who have artistic soul, only 9%. This result is because women are sensitive and vulnerable. Kind and helpful men make women feel protected and safe. Friendly men are people who are easy to approach and make others feel comfortable. The reason why there are not so many women are attracted by artist men is because artists are sensitive and inconstant. It’s hard to keep a relationship that both side need to be understand. And women always need loyalty from their boyfriends.

Beyond good characteristics, men also need talents to attract women. Most women (31%) said that men look cool when they play sports, 24% like men who can cook or make handmade things, 17% like men who play music, 13% like singers. But only 2% attracted by men who can make doll dress. Women like healthy men and playing sports is the best way to show healthy and energetic. And nothing more romantic than eating a meal or receiving a gift made by your own boyfriends. Making dress or playing with dolls are girls’ things. Men who do these things can be misunderstood that they were gays.

Moreover, background is also a factor that should be mention. According to the result of some surveys that have been carried out recently, one of the most important women often care about men is about their background: 83% people commit that they often take men’s background under consideration while just only 17% of them say that this is not important. In the past, women used to suffer from discrimination a lot. They were totally dependent on their husband without having any human rights or making decisions of their own. That is why men’s background was not taken into consideration to women especially in under-developed countries. Apparently, men in today's life also hold different attitude toward the role of women, especially those for whom they are fall in love. It is believed that the track of conquering a girl's heart...
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