What Role Do Chinese Civil Society Organisations (Cso) Play?

Topics: China Youth Development Foundation, Sociology, China Pages: 4 (1415 words) Published: May 2, 2012
What role do Chinese civil society organisations (CSO) play? Please answer this question with reference to at least three different Chinese CSOs.

Chinese civil society organisations (CSOs) are non-governmental, non-profitable community based schemes who aim to tackle and address the social problems afflicting The People’s Republic of China, with the majority of their efforts based in the rural areas of the country. These organisations can range from small groups of a few people to groups exceeding a million people (Wang 2009). Their emergence and development have arisen by a combination of Government and market failure to deliver an adequate social service to it is citizens, but more importantly a “broadened social base.” The growing active participation of citizens within the public sphere and public affairs (Wang 2009).

Within China, CSOs vary considerable in regards to their size, area, scope and nature however they all possess the same four basic civic functions, resource mobilization, public services, social governance and policy advocacy (Wang 2009). These functions tackle economic, social and environmental problems and aim to enact change within these sectors. Examples of common injustices include income deprivation, unemployment, inadequate access to health care and education, discriminatory labour conditions and practises, gender inequality and environmental degradation. This essay shall analyse the role CSOs play in China, and use examples of such organisations to evaluate their impact.

Socially, Chinese CSOs have a fundamental role to play within the People’s Republic of China. They effectively tackle the main social issues afflicting the majority of the population which include problems such as access to education and health, gender inequality and inadequate social welfare. For example China Youth Development Foundation, established at the end of the 20th Century is a mass organisation under the Communist Youth League. The organisation...
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