What Role Can an Individual Play in Shaping History?

Topics: Louis XIV of France, Roman Empire, Louis XV of France Pages: 2 (601 words) Published: December 16, 2012
Nicole Sodhi
Mr. Hess
World History Honors / Period F
17 December 2012
Throughout history, there have been countless monarchies with some of the most compelling rulers. Various amounts of these rulers have been able to change history by their own knowledge and understanding of the world that they currently lived in. But, there are only a few rulers who stand out greater than the rest, because of their bravery, integrity, and leadership characteristics. King Louis XIV had constructed The Palace of Versailles built and had the longest reign in European History. Alexander the Great became known as one of the best military generals for carving out and empire that reached from Greece to India. Constantine helped spread Christianity throughout Europe. All three of these astounding leaders have transformed their own kingdoms and have shaped history in their own remarkable ways.

King Louis XIV of France inherited the throne at five years of age with Mazarin as his chief minister. Just as he had taken the throne the Fronde had occurred and had driven the young boy out of his palace. Shortly after Mazarin had died, King Louis XIV, at twenty-three years, regained his control and named himself the Sun King of absolute power. King Louis had expanded the bureaucracy and created new lands for farming and mining. But the Sun King’s greatest accomplishment was building the Palace of Versailles. The immense palace was spared no expense and became the perfect symbol to represent the king’s power and wealth. Ruling for seventy-two years, King Louis XIV has left a long lasting impact on France.

Alexander the Great has one of the most well known legacies in all of history. At just twenty years of age Alexander was an experienced soldier who had great ambitions to defeat Persia just like his father. When had Alexander had won his first victory against the Persians he continued marching through Asia Minor defeating any tribe that crossed his path. As Alexander was reaching...
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