What My Role as Aleader Is.

Topics: Leadership, Hero, Sociology Pages: 1 (258 words) Published: August 27, 2013
What Is My Role As A Leader?
My role as a leader is to take care of the Marines in my charge and look out for their well being. It also entails being a subject matter expert in my field of work and passing on all my knowledge to my subordinates. As a leader you must look up to your superiors and stand by your peers. You must use the eleven leadership principles. The leadership principles that mean the most to me and play a big part in my role as a leader are know yourself and seek self improvement. Ensure assigned task are understood, supervised and accomplished and set the example. As a leader I must set the example for my subordinates so that they will know what is expected of them. I must also know myself and seek improvement in areas where I may lack because I have to set the example and if I am lacking in any area than the Marines in my charge will think that it is acceptable for them to lack in areas. I must take care of my Marines so that they will know they are needed in the mission. If I do not take care of my Marines then they will become discouraged and think they are not wanted or needed for the mission. I must be the best leader I possible can so that the Marines in my charge will follow and become even greater leaders than I am once it comes time for them to be.
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