What makes a great teacher?

Topics: Education, Learning, Skill Pages: 2 (865 words) Published: October 31, 2014

Isaac Ajiborode
Professor Laura Pope
4 October 3, 2014
RENG 92/1079
Essay 1 Assignment
What makes a great teacher?
Education is a major priority to everyone. Everyone wants to be educated and become successful in life. In other to be educated someone must be there to support in learning, the person who is paid and ready to support the specified students. That’s why teachers are needed in schools for students to be educated and be successful. Teachers who are ready to teach the content of a specified subject, provide additional help to students, be a role model to the students and must be there to see that each students are progressive in there endeavors. In other for the students to be able to flow with the teacher, the teacher must be a great teacher, therefore a great teacher must possess so many characteristics such as patience, excellent communication skills, and professional knowledge to facilitate a student’s academic success. Also a great teacher must be empathetic, trustworthy, respectful, fair, and cooperative, dedicated, determined and so on. All teachers are expected to have the virtue of patience, because without patience teachers would have difficulty enduring the qualities that are so natural to young people. Without the virtue of patience, teachers would have difficulty enduring the qualities that are so natural to young people; making life difficult for teachers, refusing to follow directions, upsetting the class, promoting a bad spirit among other students and ridiculing and making fun of teachers. Some students mock teachers voice and gesture; some will complain without cause to their parents, who will immediately assume that what they are told is the truth. The many difficulties that teachers face would dishearten those who have Ajiborode2

entered teaching with the hope of accomplishment. But teachers need to remember that they have received a call and resist such traits with all the means given to them through...
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