What Makes Literature "Good?"

Topics: Fiction, Literature, Character Pages: 3 (1113 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Literature can be written in numerous ways; some people prefer novels and some may prefer comics. The question is, what makes that piece of literature good? The answer to this question is entirely subjective. Think about some of your favorite books and why you love them so much. By comparing your favorite books, there may be some similarities coming up again and again as you think about what you loved about them. These similarities involve realism; no matter if you are reading fantasy or paranormal, there should be some elements of reality to make the story believable. The characters of the book make a connection that makes you stand behind the characters decisions. The plot is the “make-up” ideal in all stories to construct the story that you love so much. With the three major works we have studied this semester (Hamlet, Sarahs’ Key, and Fifth Business), Fifth Business is the overall best piece of literature because it consist of realism, likable characters and a plot full of mystery that forms the complete journey.

The play Hamlet, written by Shakespeare, was a poor representation of believability, likeable characters and a plot that makes readers want to continue reading. It is a story that represents honor and revenge. The emotion of the novel is over-exaggerated, therefor lowering the relatable factor. The ghost appears to Hamlet and tells Hamlet to seek revenge for his fathers’ murder. Although the ghost shows personal traits it is not believable that Hamlet would simply be convinced to commit himself to overtly violent actions from a character that he just met. With all the quick assumptions and lack of thought before killing, it makes the story unrealistic. The main characters Hamlet, Claudius and Gertrude show traits of a hero, villain and everything in between. The likability is lacking in all of these characters because it is impossible to go along and back up their outlandish decisions. They behave rashly and impulsively to a point where connecting...
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