What It Means to Be a Marine

Topics: United States Marine Corps, Marine, Royal Marines Pages: 3 (1488 words) Published: December 18, 2010
What it means to be Marine

When did you decide that you wanted a change in your life? When did you want to step up and make a difference? What did it mean to you before you signed the dotted line and raised your right hand to take an oath? Was it worth it? Everyone has their own reason for doing what they do. Everyone has their motives for the decisions they make. Were all different and come from different backgrounds. Some of us from normal lives, some from more satisfied lives, and some from less than satisfactory lives. But the truth is none of that really matters when your all in the same environment, doing the same things with each other and experiencing a whole different life than what your used to. When you became a United States Marine, what did it mean to you? Everyone’s opinion is different, and everyone has their own beliefs. In this essay I will be discussing what it means to me, to be a Unites States Marine, a little bit of history in being a Marine, how I felt before I became a Marine, and how I feel now. Like I stated previously, everyone’s views and opinions are different, but were all here in the same mud, well the majority of us are at least. Marines of the past, a far different breed than what they are today. Marines have always been the dominating fighting force in the world since their birth in 1775. They founded their service in a bar, called Tun Tavern in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. A bunch of men tired and pissed off that had enough. So they formed the Marine Corps and took a stand. The Marines of yesterday, were proud, and had a much different mindset and attitude than Marines of today. My grandfather and his brother are both former Marines, both are Korean war veterans. My great uncle was in the battle of the frozen chosin. He was stabbed in the jugular with a bayonet by a North Korean soldier. While continuing to fight, he managed to stop the bleeding himself until he reached a medical station a few miles away. My great...
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