What Is Wome Women's Role In Fighting Slavery?
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Slave developed a complex range of behaviors to resist the harsh control forced on them. As a result, enslaved Africans resisted or rebelled against as many different ways. Typically, runways left only for short periods so they need to hide in a nearby forest or neighboring plantations. Local Caribbean newspapers were advertised the runway slaves for the plantation owners. Another ways of resisting slavery was stealing their owner’s stuffs. Enslaved people also fought against slavery by telling the truth using music or delivered their spirituals. Spiritual, a distinctive musical art form created by slaves, drew heavily on biblical theme. Virtually, majority of modern popular music, include jazz, gospel, blues, rock and roll, and hip-hop influenced to the part from musical traditions rooted in the experience of American and New World slavery. …show more content…
The most active reformers were member of a growing middle class. The social change brought the new concept of family and gender roles. The female reformers against to the ideas that male work for public world, whereas the private world of home and family became the women’s domain. According to the Slave Code, If free woman who could have free offspring, but she tied the knot with an enslaved black man, she had to become a property of her husband’s owner. It shows the difference of statue and role between man and women. Initially, women reformer addressed social that limited women’s rights. For example, women were not allowed to vote due to entirely shut out of political activity also they have lack of opportunities for education. Therefore, many women had led them to speak out in public, and question the underlying political and social values about their

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