What is Light Pollution?

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What is Light Pollution?
Light Pollution
Light pollution is artificial or outdoor light that creates glare and intrudes with the nighttime setting and the natural night environment. The artificial light that is produced by urban centres/ areas, diminish the view of stars and planets. These artificial lights can be seen all the way out in space! Satellite images show light pollution as well lit and glowing regions on a map at nighttime (see image below). These well-lit regions are mostly cities (urban).

Light pollution occurs when outdoor lights are aimed upwards and sideways; the light scatters in the atmosphere and reflects back to the ground. As a result the sky glows. Particles responsible for air pollution, in the atmosphere, emphasize light pollution by enhancing the amount of light scatter. Effect

City lights reduce the views of the night skies. Light from the urban areas compete with natural light from stars and planets, which reduces the visibility of objects that scientists in observatories study. Light pollution also harms the environment and the animals / people that inhabit it. It affects the wildlife and plants negatively. Night lights disorient hatching sea turtles, migrating birds and nocturnal animals. Interference with pollination of nocturnal flowers occur when light attracts insects. Remember all that sleep talk? Kids need 10-12 hours and teens need 8-10 hours of sleep? Well light pollution also causes an interference with our sleeping patterns. By preventing the production of melatonin (chemical that regulates sleep patterns), light pollution interferes with natural circadian rhythms. Low levels of melatonin in humans are a cause of increased cancer risks. 3 Main Types of Light Pollution

The 3 main types of light pollution are glare, light trespass and skyglow. A public-health hazard is from unshielded lighting (especially as you get older). Glare light scattering in the eyes can sometimes blind you temporarily,...

Bibliography: http://www.lrc.rpi.edu/programs/nlpip/lightinganswers/lightpollution/img/figure1.jpg
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