What Is Hydrocephalus and Why Does It Occur in Children?

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What is Hydrocephalus and Why Does it Occur in Children?

Dawn Sammler
DeVry University|

When having a child the main worry of a parent is that the child is healthy and has all 10 fingers and toes. But what happens when this is not the case? Hydrocephalus occurs in about 1 out of 500 children born. Parents are often unfamiliar with this disease and have trouble understanding what is going to happen with their child. Their dream of a healthy 10 fingers and toed child has gone out the window. Since the 1950’s doctors have been dealing with this disease and how to cure it. Technology has advanced and parents do not have to feel so helpless when it comes to their child and knowing how to help them live a life that is as normal as possible. Each child with hydrocephalus may experience symptoms differently. So it is not always easy for a parent to know what is wrong with their child, or even what to do. Hopefully this research paper will help to make this disease easy for parents to understand what Hydrocephalus is and how to help their child and also they get through the harsh times that they may face.

Research Question
What is hydrocephalus and why does it occur in children?
The doctor tells you that your child had a disease called hydrocephalus. What in the world is that and what are you to do? Justification
I care about this topic because I am a mother. I was lucky enough to have a healthy beautiful baby girl. I have a friend who was not so lucky. Her son was born with this disease and she has really been struggling. She has had to go to so many doctors’ appointments and hospitals visits to help take care of her son and his disease. She often told me that she has had trouble trying to understand what the doctors are telling her and why can’t they just tell her what is going on in plain English. The main reason that I wanted to do a research paper was for my friend and also any other parent out there that is having the same problem, doctors that cannot just give the facts in plain English. I want to make this disease easier to understand and hopefully this will help give parents a small piece of mind and a better understanding of the monster that has taken over their and their child’s lives. Methodology

I will answer my research question by giving information about what the disease is. What causes the disease? What the symptoms of the disease look like. How the doctors come about the diagnosis. Finally I will cover what the most recent treatment is and how doctors go about this treatment. Introduction

It’s time for your little bundle of joy to enter the world and you are so excited. They are finally here and you know your life is about to change in many ways, but you are up for the new challenge that being a parent brings. But what happens when your new baby does not seem well, or you notice that the baby just does not look the way that you thought a baby should look? Your baby had a strange large lump where the soft spot is, and then over a small amount of time you notice that the child’s head is starting to get larger. What are you to do? The doctor tells you that your child had a disease called hydrocephalus. What in the world is that and what are you to do? Hopefully this is where I can help. Throughout this research paper I hope to help explain what this disease is and what you should do, and ask your doctors. The parents of children with hydrocephalus should be aware that hydrocephalus poses risks to both cognitive and physical development. Treatment by an interdisciplinary team of medical professionals, rehabilitation specialists, and educational experts is critical to a positive outcome. Many children diagnosed with the disorder benefit from rehabilitation therapies and educational interventions, and go on to lead normal lives with few limitations. What is hydrocephalus?

Hydrocephalus is a condition in which there is a lack of absorption, blockage of flow, or...

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