What Is Fahrenheit 451 Technology

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Fahrenheit 451 essay

Our future is now and technology is increasing. In my opinion technology could either work for the greater good or devastate our economy. It's a wonderful thing to have a cell phone that does everything for you but how far will we go? In the book technology could ruin the human race. Turning people into zombies with them staring into their screen all day. And i've noticed now a days we people don't seem to read books much anymore like in fahrenheit 451 Historical literature and common reading curriculum are being taken more and more as jokes everyday. It seems as if people are too caught up in technology nowadays that they forget the building blocks that make up most our world.

In fahrenheit 451 we see a bundle of technological advances that we have not yet discovered or at least fully developed yet. There are some that are bad and some that actually wouldn't be terrible in modern day. For instance the mechanical dog may not be subtle in the movie but if you think of the advantages of having a real life mechanical dog it would be pretty beneficial. You wouldn't have to worry about cleaning up after your dog, feed it or take him to the vet. It'd be the same joy of having a dog except less work. But on the other hand technology could destroy us. With excessive use and
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We already are seeing self driving cars and 3d printers being made. Honestly I have no idea what the world would be like 50 years from now. It's only been around 2 decades of the introduction of cell phones and you can see already how much they've progressed. In my overall opinion I think these technological advances will hurt America in a negative but also a positive way. It will cause American culture to become more isolated and more expensive. People will pay top dollar for the nicest looking Iphone just so they can stare into it all day. People nowadays want the latest and newest things and will do anything to get ahold of

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